Meet the heroes of San Fransokyo in Disney ‘Big Hero 6’


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Big Hero 6 Gang!

So excited for my bud Jeff Williams with the release of these images — a Marvel-sized manga-inspired Scooby gang for the ages?!?

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"Process alone makes the juice worth the squeeze."

— Chase Jarvis, on the one quality shared by all of the most creative people he knows.

Give me a cartoon, tv show, or film with characters that look like this, pronto.


The full lineup, now with Poison Ivy and Supergirl! Sorry for the slight repost, I think seeing them together makes the overall unifying design elements clearer (like the weird 90’s vibe haha).

Street clothes super heroes/villains!

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"There come times when you’re no longer doing what you’re supposed to do and you’re rambling, making strange connections…"

—Pete Seeger

"So, there’s the Bechdel test. I’ve got another test that works just as well. The Sexy Lamp test. If you can take out a female character and replace her with a sexy lamp, YOU’RE A FUCKING HACK."

Kelly Sue DeConnick (via ackthrice)

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